On August 12th, 2022, the MEATA Executive Board heard from interested members on serving the Board in various vacant positions.

The MEATA Executive Board voted unanimously on the following new Board Officer and Members for 2022. Please see results in yellow highlight below and congratulations!

Please note also, that MEATA still has opportunities for all to serve such as events chair and planning committee members.

Thank you everyone, and again congratulations to our new Board Officer and Members.

MEATA Executive Board
     -Kevin Green, Deb Schultz (former VP), Annette Norris, and Cameron Albring




Board Member


2 years

Kevin Green

Vice President

1 year

Andrea Morrow - UAW


2 years

Annette Norris


2 years

Cameron Albring

Outreach Representative

2 years

Amy Burns-Bailey -Northwestern Michigan College

Labor Representative

1 year

Jamal Al

Business Representative

1 year

Justin Zielinski – ITS

Secondary School Representative

2 years

Ben Wallace - Marshall Public Schools

Post-Secondary School Representative

1 year

Sue Roche – Delta College

Past President

2 years


State of Michigan LEO Representative


Scott Jedele

U.S. DOL OA State Director  


Russ Davis

U.S. DOL Apprenticeship Training Representative


Steve Long


Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

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