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Home Documents WIOA & Braided Funding for Apprenticeships
Details for WIOA & Braided Funding for Apprenticeships
NameWIOA & Braided Funding for Apprenticeships
DescriptionPresentation by Maria Brady from toe DOL's Office of Apprenticeship on braiding WIOA and other federal funding to pay for apprenticeship-related expenses, including training costs, wage subsidies and more.
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Apprenticeship Trivia

The concept of a "graduated wage scale" (where apprentices earned increased wages as they progressed) first appeared after the American Civil War. An 1865 indenture used by the Pennsylvania Railroad provides one of the first examples. It provided 50 cents for a 10-hour day in the first 620 days of training, 60 cents a day in the next 310 days, and 80 cents a day for the balance of the apprenticeship term. A bonus of $124 was paid if and when the apprentice completed training.