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Details for ApprenticeshipUSA Keynote
NameApprenticeshipUSA Keynote
DescriptionApprenticeshipUSA keynote presentation delivered by Russ Davis to open the conference.
FilenameRuss Davis-ApprenticeshipUSA Keynote.pdf
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Filetypepdf (Mime Type: application/pdf)
Created On: 05/29/2017 14:15
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Last updated on 05/29/2017 14:17

Apprenticeship Trivia

In Elizabethan England, the Apprenticeship system became more regulated via the 1563 Statute of Artificers, which set out terms and conditions for training (including a duration of seven years and the master/apprentice relationship). That Statute, which continued in force across England until 1813, also made it illegal to practice a craft unless one was a Master or Apprenticed to one.