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The Michigan Educators Apprenticeship and Training Association (MEATA) is a non-profit organization devoted to providing a forum for the professional development of Secondary and Post Secondary Educators and other individuals involved in providing apprenticeship and work-based education.

Since its founding, MEATA has been a vocal advocate for the expanded use of work-based learning as the most effective and least costly means of transferring generational knowledge from older to younger workers while supplementing that knowledge with the latest academic discoveries and advances.

The organization is probably best known for its annual Spring Apprenticeship Conference. At this event, apprenticeship and work-based training representatives from across the state of Michigan are provided unique opportunities to network, collaborate, learn and grow.

For more information about MEATA, including how you can get involved, please contact a member of the MEATA Executive Committee.

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Apprenticeship Trivia

In 1934, the Federal Committee on Apprenticeship was appointed by the Secretary of Labor to serve as "the national policy-recommending body on apprenticeship" in the United States. The FCA assumed its responsibilities with respect to apprentices and their training under the industrial codes formulated by the National Recovery Administration.