Detroit News: Demand Grows for Skilled Trades Jobs

A Detroit News article from October 18 titled "Demand grows for skilled trades jobs" concludes:

At a time when Michigan's unemployment rate has increased for four straight months and is more than two percentage points above the national jobless rate, there is growing demand for construction and skilled trade workers in Metro Detroit and throughout the state.

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Registered Apprenticeship Highlighted on CNN

The following video includes an interview with American University Economics Professor and Urban Institute Fellow Bob Lerman on CNN's 'Education Overtime." In the accompanying article (below the video) Lerman highlights the advantages of Registered Apprenticeship and promotes its expansion as a viable education and training option.


Below is the transcript of the article and accompanying interview which American University Economics Professor and Urban Institue Fellow Bob Lerman gave on CNN's "Education Overtime" - a seven week series that focuses on the conversations surrounding education issues that affect students, teachers, parents and the community.

If not college, then what?

(CNN) -- At dinner tables throughout the United States, there are tough conversations about the exploding cost of college, the rough job market, the pain of debt.

For parents and students, it adds up to the same question: Is college worth it?

But American University economics Professor Robert Lerman is asking something different: If college isn't worth it, what else is out there?

Lerman, an Urban Institute fellow, has studied youth unemployment for decades, and thinks the United States ought to try an updated version of an old technique for education and employment: apprenticeships.

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MSNBC: ‘Skills gap’ hurts employers, job seekers

Even with millions of Americans out of work, the industrial giant Siemens is having so much trouble finding qualified workers that, for the first time, it's had to hire recruiters:

U.S. and Switzerland to partner on apprenticeship program

At a June 25, 2015, press conference in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Dept. of Labor announced a collaboration with Switzerland to launch an apprenticeship program in the U.S. modeled after the Swiss vocational education system. The U.S. and Switzerland are planning to sign on July 9, 2015, a Joint Declaration of Intent to collaborate on this venture and to exchange policy information and best practices in vocational education and training.

In Switzerland, students as young as 15 sign 3- or 4-year contracts with an employer’s apprenticeship program, which pays them as they learn skills, according to Martin Dahinden, Swiss ambassador to the U.S. Two-thirds of 16-year-olds in Switzerland choose to start their careers via an apprenticeship as they attend school.

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