MEATA's 2019 Spring Apprenticeship Conference

Theme: Trailblazing New Apprenticeship Models

May 21-24, 2019

GVSU's L.V. Eberhard Center, Grand Rapids MI

The 2019 MEATA Spring Apprenticeship Conference is over. We dug into the details of offering non-traditional apprenticeships in Health, IT, Public Services, and more while maintaining the high standards set in traditional manufacturing and construction apprenticeships. The conference offered opportunities, ideas and strategies, while being realistic about the obstacles that are faced by these new models. Attendees heard about new programs, prospects, and success stories to fuel their inspiration and learn about exciting work in the apprenticeship arena.

Session topics included:

  • Culinary Apprenticeships - What's Cooking?
  • Apprenticeships in Healthcare
  • National Occupational Frameworks for Competency-Based Apprenticeships
  • WorkHands: Blue Collar Tech for Apprenticeship & Professional Trades
  • To Be or Not to Be An Intermediary
  • Developing the Pipeline: Innovations in Pre-Apprenticeship

...and LOTS more!

PDF versions of many of the presentations given at the conference can be downloaded here!