Photos from MEATA's 2014 Spring Apprenticeship Conference!

Friday's Session at Motor City Casino Hotel

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Friday's session in the conference facilities of the Motor City Casino Hotel was so well attended that we had to have extra tables brought in!

Thursday Dinner - Janene Kicks Things Off

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MEATA Chair Janene Erne welcoming everyone to Thursday night's dinner.

Networking in Greektown on Wed. Night

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Those who attended the networking festivities on Wednesday night shared great food and conversation at Pegasus Tavernas in Greektown.

Wednesday at the UAW-Ford TTC

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We had a full house for Wednesday's presentations at the UAW-Ford Technical Training Center.

Thursday Night @ Iridescence

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After a long day of great presentations, everyone kicked back for an evening of drinks, dinner and fun at Iridescence on the top floor of the Motor City Casino Hotel.