MEATA Team MI DOL Staff Photo

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A photo of the MEATA team and Michigan's DOL staff taken at the end of the Apprenticeship in a Day WORKShop.

At the table (left to right): Cameron Albring (MEATA Vice Chair), Amy Burns-Bailey (MEATA Secretary), Tiffanie Clawson (DOL ATR)

Standing (left to right): Dave Namenye (MEATA Outreach Committee Chair), Callan Eschenburg (MEATA Outreach), Dave Jackson (DOL ATR), Gene Keyes (MEATA Treasurer), Janene Erne (MEATA Chair), Russ Davis (DOL State Director), Bill Rayl (MEATA Outreach/Webmaster), Scott Jedele (MEATA Outreach), Marc DeCoster (DOL ATR), Jim Babin (MEATA Support)

Not Present: Marybeth Koski (DOL ATR, who was conducting a RAPIDS training session for GM representatives at the time the photo was taken)

Photo of MEATA Team & DOL ATRs