Documents related to the 2018 MEATA Spring Apprenticeship Conference can be found here!

Photos from the conference’s Apprenticeship in a Day signings of Standards can be viewed at this Google Photos album.

Spring Conference Summary Report & Thank You Letter to Participants

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A personal letter from MEATA Chair Janene Erne that provides both a summary of what transpired at the conference and a THANK YOU to all who attended and participated in this ground-breaking event.

DOL Update-Apprenticeship in America

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Presentation from Russ Davis, Michigan State Director for the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Office of Apprenticeship. Provides a great "current state" overview of Registered Apprenticeship in the U.S. with ...

Keynote Presentation by Roger Curtis

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Keynote presentation delivered by Roger Curtis, Director of Michigan's Dept. of Talent and Economic Development. Lots of great info on public perception of apprenticeships (from students and ...

Student and Parent Apprenticeship Survey Findings

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Findings from a November 2017 survey conducted by Güd Marketing for Michigan's Talent Investment Agency to better understand the perceptions that Michigan students and their parents have about ...

Braided Funding for Registered Apprenticeships

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Presentation by Marcia Black-Watson and Deb Lyzenga on various funding sources available to support registered apprenticeships.

Why You Need to Know about EEO

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Presentation by attorney Jeff Fraser on the ins-and-outs of Equal Employment Opportunity requirements for employers.

Michigan's Talent Pipeline Management Network

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Sharon Miller from Consumers Energy shared how Michigan is using the Talent Pipeline Management system to apply traditional supply chain management tools to talent development and recruitment.

MI Bright Future

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WIN's Sarah Sebaly's presentation on the statewide expansion of MI Bright Future.

MEATA Team MI DOL Staff Photo

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A photo of the MEATA team and Michigan's DOL staff taken at the end of the Apprenticeship in a Day WORKShop. At the table (left to right): Cameron Albring (MEATA Vice Chair), Amy Burns-Bailey (MEATA ...

Agenda for 2018 Spring Conference

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The jam-packed agenda for MEATA's 2018 Spring Apprenticeship Conference!

MEATA Conference Sponsorship Form

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Become a sponsor of MEATA's annual Apprenticeship Conference to gain visibility at the event. Download this document for complete details!