The place to find documents related to MEATA's 2017 Spring Apprenticeship Conference!

Economic/Community Development & Apprenticeship

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Presentation by Bob Balzer, Director of Business and Economic Services for the Gladwin County EDC, providing an overview of how Gladwin County has brought economic development and workforce ...

Detroit JATC E-START Program

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Presentation on the Detroit J.A.T.C.'s E-START Electrical Training Alliance pre-apprenticeship program.

Flint Environmental Career Worker Training Program

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Presentation on the Environmental Career Worker Training Program (ECWTP) delivered in Flint through a partnership between the Center for Construction Research & Training, GST Michigan Works! ...

Right Signals Beta Credentialing Model

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Presentation by Sott Mertes and Steve Fosgard on the innovative new Right Signals Beta Credentialing model and how it is being used at Mid Michigan Community College.

ApprenticeshipUSA Keynote

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ApprenticeshipUSA keynote presentation delivered by Russ Davis to open the conference.

STEM Network at MMCC

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Presentation by Scott Govitz on the STEM Network at Mid Michigan Community College.

Process Mapping the Apprenticeship System

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The Advance MI Center for Apprenticeship Innovation has been working with the DOL Office of Apprenticeship's staff in Michigan and the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center to map the ...

Using PBOs in Apprenticeship

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Presentation on a national partnership of colleges, industry and the DOL to use Performance Based Objectives to align what industry needs to what is taught in the classrooms. Also highlights an ...

Front-Loaded Manufacturing Production Technician Apprenticeship

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Presentation by Bill Rayl on a new manufacturing production worker "front-loaded" apprenticeship program being launched by JAMA in partnership with Jackson College and other entities. (A longer ...

Occupational Framework: Competency-Based Apprenticeship

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Presentation by Diane Jones from the Urban Institute on new national occupational frameworks being developed to help fast-track creation and registration of competency-based apprenticeships.

International Apprenticeship Perspective: The German Dual Training System

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Presentation by Geneva Scurek form the German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest on the German dual system of Vocational Education & Training.

Apprenticeship Intermediaries

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Presentation by the DOL's Greer Sisson on the role of "Apprenticeship Intermediaries" as Sponsors and the role of employers partnering with those intermediaries.

TIA Presentation: Growing Apprenticeship in MI

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Presentation given by Mary Lynn Noah and Lauren Clay on the work that Michigan's Talent Investment Agency is doing to support Registered Apprenticeship, including MAICA, embedding Apprenticeship ...

UAW Skilled Trades White Paper: Apprenticeship ROI

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The UAW Skilled Trades Manufacturing White Paper referenced by Bill Peterson during Q&A at the conference. The paper includes a section on the ROI of apprenticeship.

Maria Brady-WIOA Other Funding to Support RA.pdf

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