The place to find documents related to MEATA's 2017 Fall Drive-In conference

2017 Fall Drive-In Conference Agenda

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Agenda for MEATA's 2017 Fall Drive-In Conference.

2018 Spring Conference Info

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Save the Date info for MEATA's 2018 Spring Apprenticeship Conference to be held in Traverse City on May 22-25.

MEATA's National Apprenticeship Week Proclamation

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A copy of MEATA's proclamation in support of National Apprenticeship Week in Michigan.

Winter is Coming Presentation

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Game of Thrones Meets CTE Education! Here is a copy of Scott Jedele's presentation that opened the Drive-In Conference.

Roger Curtis Keynote Presentation

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This presentation includes lots of info on the great work that Michigan's Department of Talent & Economic Development (TED) has been and is doing to address the "talent gap".

Mechatronics Pathway Partnership Success

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A copy of the Powerpoint that accompanied the presentation on the Downriver Career Technical Consortium's successful CTE program partnership with Henry Ford College and the UAW-Ford Flat Rock ...

MDOC Prisoner Education/Vocational Village

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A look at the variety of vocational education programs available to returning citizens through Michigan's largest provider of adult education: the Michigan Dept. of Corrections.

Jackson College - Prison Education Initiative (PEI)

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An overview of Jackson College's successful Prison Education Initiative.

Jackson County Career Readiness

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Initiatives undertaken by Jackson County's K-12 education system to implement Michigan Career Pathways Alliance CTE goals into the school improvement plans of all schools in Jackson County.