Documents related to the 2016 MEATA/MASCI Apprenticeship Conference

Macomb MAP.pdf

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ApprenticeshipUSA Presentation

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Copy of the presentation by Russ Davis and Dean Guido on the new brand for the Office of Apprenticeship.

CAR Presentation

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Presentation by Kristin Dziczek from the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) on new developments in the auto industry and how these impact the skilled worker needs for the industry.

Early College Allegan County Presentation

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Early College Allegan County presentation.

Early Colleges: MDE Presentation

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Presentation developed by Dr. Beverly Brown providing a brief history and overview of the early college movement begun in Michigan.

ECAC Brochure

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Promotional brochure for the Early College Allegan County program.

AAI Grant Panel - Focus: HOPE

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American Apprenticeship Initiative Grant Panel presentation from Focus: HOPE on their American Apprenticship Program

Photo of Frankenmuth HS Student Golder Hammer Winners

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Photo of Frankenmuch High School students who participated on the winning Skilled Trades Challenge team. From left to right: A.J. Horonzy, Jack Gilmour, and Jack Davis, with US DOL Office of ...

Report: Shared Vision for the Future of CTE

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A copy of the report from Advance CTE developed as an outcome of the 2015 national Future of CTE Summit. This report provides a framework for achieving the vision/goals developed at the summit.

Future of CTE Presentation

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A presentation document from Advance CTE related to the presentation by Clark Harris on the Future of CTE Summit that took place last year and the resulting Shared Vision report (see the next ...

Helmets to Hardhats Presentation

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Presentation by Darrell Roberts on apprenticeship direct entry to the trades via Helmets to Hardhats.

JAC3 Promo Brochure

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Sample brochure for promoting the JAC3 program to students.

JAC3 Early/Middle College Presentation

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Jackson Area College & Career Connection early/middle college presentation

JAC3 Supplemental Documents

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Documents to supplement the JAC3 presentation. Packet includes an application timeline overview, academic achievement policy, program of study summaries, and copies of the student ...

MASCI Apprentices of the Year

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Bios for Krystle Kosbar, MASCI 2016 Construction Apprentice of the Year and Rachel Harbin, MASCI 2016 Manufacturing Apprentice of the Year.

MDE Early/Middle College Data Sheet

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Data sheet showing the growth in the number of Michigan's early/middle college sites.

MDE 2016 Map of MI Early Colleges

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Map of Michigan showing the location of early/middle colleges around the state as of January 2016.