Documents related to the 2015 Spring Apprenticeship Conference.

2015 Spring Conference Agenda

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Agenda for the 2015 Spring Apprenticeship Conference.

Automation Workz

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Overview of Automation Workz, an innovative new program from Uplift, Inc. that engages youth and their parents in "live family video game" challenges that highlight career opportunities in ...

Macomb County MFG Day

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An overview of National Manufacturing Day and an "under-the-hood" look at how Macomb County has developed one of the most robust county-wide MFG Day celebrations in the state and the ...

MI Construction Career Days

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Operating Engineers Local 324 Training Coordinator Lee Graham's presentation on the Michigan Construction Career Days best practice and how it prepares youth for in-demand jobs in the construction ...

Making Apprenticeship Work for Military Veterans

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Troy Tissue's presentation on how to translate a military veteran's training and skills to civilian careers and education programs.

New MI Merit Curriculum Changes

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Chippewa Valley Schools CTE Director Claire Brisson's presentation providing an understanding of recent legislative changes to the Michigan Merit Curriculum requirements that provide ...

Keynote: Transforming Career Guidance Counseling

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An overview by SME Education Foundation Senior Development Officer Rodney Grover of the imporant white paper developed by SME and MSSC titled "Transforming Career Guidance Counseling". Get ...

Best Practice - STRA Early-Middle College

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Presentation by JAMA Executive Director Bill Rayl on Jackson County's integration of school-to-registered apprenticeship into the JAC3 skilled trades early/middle college.

Developments in Apprentice Readiness Testing

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Presentation by Dave Namenye, Managing Director, Jack Martin Associates.Includes info on Jack Martin Associates' new Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Test (STAT).

DOL Keynote - What's in Your Toolbox?

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Presentation by State DOL Director Russ Davis and Regional DOL Director Dean Guido on the expansion of registered apprenticeship and new tools and models available to support these programs.

Goodwill's Green Works

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Presentation by Jay Wilber on the Green Works training and employment program operated by Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit.

MI's New Dept. of Talent & Economic Development

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Presentation by Marsha Black-Watson providing an overview of Michigan's new Department of Talent Economic Development (TED).