Documents related to the 2013 MEATA Spring Conference.

Apprenticeship: Our Way Forward

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Presentation by Robert Davis (MDOT) on the importance of apprenticeship programs and a promising partnership between local labor unions, community based organizations, DRAP and MDOT to expand ...

Delta College Accelerated CNC Program

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Presentation by Harvey Schneider (Delta College) on a new accelerated CNC Machinist training program developed by Delta College in partnership with local industry that includes classroom/lab training ...

You Don't Know Jack!

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A copy of the presentation put together by Russ Davis as a tribute to Jack Martin upon his official retirement after 50 years of serving as a tireless advocate for registered ...

MAT2: Michigan Advanced Technician Training

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Presentation by Dr. Thomas Baughman and Sarah Harfst (Orbitak International) providing an in-depth look at the Michigan Advanced Technician Training (MAT2) Mechatronics Apprenticeship Program ...

Charlevoix-Emmet ISD Mfg Collaboration

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Presentation by Gretchen Spedowske (Charlevoix-Emmet ISD) showcasing a unique partnership created to solve their region's manufacturing workforce challenges.

DOL Pre-Apprenticeship Framework

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Presentation by Russ Davis (USDOL) on initiatives to broaden Registered Apprenticeships through a formal Pre-Apprenticeship framework.

Is There a Skills Mismatch?

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Presentation by Bob Sherer (MI WDA) focused on the Manufacturing Skills Mismatch debate. Lots of useful statistics that point to a fundamental challenge in our state related to skilled workforce.

Where is the Money?

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Presentation by Jim Lautenschlager and Tammy Flynn (MI WDA) outlining where money can be found in the workforce development system to support Registered Apprenticeship training.