Powerpoints presented at the 2011 MEATA Spring Apprenticeship Conference held in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Apprenticeship Readiness Course - OCC

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Presentation from Oakland Community College on their new 15-week Apprenticeship Readiness class.

Apprenticeship Readiness Update Presentation

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Presentation made at the Michigan Career Education Conference, Feb 6, 2012

Grant Partnership Opportunities with CAAT

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Presentation from the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology on "Grant Partnership Opportunities for the Development of Advanced Automotive Technology Curriculum."

CAAT Funding Template Cover Letter

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Cover Letter to accompany CAAT Funding Proposal Template

CAAT Funding Proposal Template

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Template for CAAT funding proposals.

CMS Energy Industry Workforce Presentation

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Presentation from the conference on CMS Energy's industry workforce training needs and action plan tied to community college programs.

Realities of the Auto Apprentice 2011 & Beyond

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Presentation by Kristen Dzicek from the Center for Automotive Research titled "The Realities of the Automotive Apprentice in 2011 and Beyond."

Tuscola ISD's Gene Pierce's Presentation

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Presentation titled "What is Right with Michigan's Education System and What are the Challenges?" NOTE: Video embedded in this Powerpoint available via separate download. To make it work within the ...

UAW Skilled Trades Apprenticeship

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Presentation titled "UAW and the Future of Apprenticeship"